About Us

At Amples LLC, our mission is to be a trusted provider of top-notch economic hardware components, cutting-edge scientific equipment, and precision measurement instruments tailored to meet the diverse needs of research laboratories. We are dedicated to supporting the advancement of research and development by delivering high-quality tools that empower scientists and engineers in their quest for innovation.

In addition to our premium product offerings, we go beyond traditional boundaries by offering a range of specialized services. From meticulous packaging and precise assembly to advanced machining and custom software development, we are committed to facilitating the seamless transition from research breakthroughs to practical applications. Our comprehensive suite of services aims to accelerate the commercialization of ingenious tools and equipment, whether originating from research labs or the creative endeavors of scientists and engineers.

At Amples, we embrace collaboration and innovation. With the consent of inventors, we proudly showcase and sell these groundbreaking tools and equipment through our online platform. This not only provides a valuable outlet for the creators but also allows individuals and organizations worldwide to benefit from these novel products.

Discover the possibilities with Amples LLC – where pioneering research meets practical solutions, and innovation knows no bounds.